Hot Dog Cart Business Training

What Good is Building a Hot Dog Cart if You Don’t Know How to Make Money With it Once it’s Finished?

That’s why I’m also giving you online access to my complete mobile food business training course, Hot Dog Profits Premium.

“Once I build my cart, where do I get the hot dogs and how do I actually cook them? How do I get a Health Department Certificate? Do I need a city vending license to sell food? How do I get a location to set up at? How can I get a commissary for free?”

Great questions! You are putting a lot into this business. You don’t want to fail. That’s why I’m including my Hot Dog Profits Premium training with your E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Package. It’s the biggest, most thorough hot dog cart training on the planet and it will have you slingin’ dogs like a pro on your very first day.

I lay everything out on the table, no holding back.  I want to teach you everything I know about starting and operating your own fun, exciting, money making hot dog cart business.

You can benefit from my experience and expertise.  You don’t have to learn the hard way.  It’s all right here…the easy way.

250 page “Carts of Cash” Online Book and Audios
Part of the Hot Dog Profits Premium Training Package

HDP Premium Online Course Contents:

  • “Carts of Cash” Training Manual – 250 pages
  • “Carts of Cash” Audio Recordings – listen while you drive
  • Cash Tracker – Hot Dog Cart Record Keeping Software – Free Trial
  • The Definitive Guide to Hot Dog Cart Leasing e-course
  • 70 Hot Dog Recipes
  • Hot Dog Cart Marketing Consultation Audio
  • Free Website for your Hot Dog Business
  • 50 Customizable Menu Templates
  • And More, Including Personal Help From Steve Whenever You Need It!

It’s yours when you order the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Video and Plans Package. We want you to be successful!